As a responsible human being on this beautiful earth which provides everything we need to exist, I pledge the following:


  • To live my life in such a way as to have a positive impact on the environment we live in.
  • To run my business the same way that I live my life. To do everything I can to reduce waste, harmful emissions, conserve the elements needed to support life and to minimize if not eliminate anything I use that can harm the environment or life.
  • To be an ambassador for promoting and encouraging others to adapt this healthy business and life style while respecting their rights and beliefs.
  • To be totally honest and open to customers and others regarding the claims I make regarding being ‘Green’ and ‘Environmentally Friendly’.
  • To be ever willing to make adjustments benefiting the earth and the humans and animals living on it, even if these adjustments are small and seemingly insignificant, and to implement them.