Totally Clean

What good would it do if we used Totally Green Cleaning Agents and had the smallest carbon footprint in the cleaning industry (which we do both) but we didn’t get your carpets or other textiles or tile Totally Clean?  After all, that is the reason you called us in the first place!

Our Basic Cleaning Premises

Our method is based on the most basic of cleaning premises.  They are Wash, Rinse, and Dry.   It is the method of choice for effectively cleaning anything since recorded history.  Why try to change something that has worked for centuries?  We just applied the best technology to use these prime cleaning principles on carpets and other textiles and hard surfaces.  Let us look at each one and how we utilize it in our cleaning method.


Prior to our cleaning, we pre-vacuum all floors and textiles that we are cleaning.  Its like shaking out the heavy dirt and debris prior to putting your clothes in the washing machine.  However, we vacuum with a very different vacuum cleaner that is strapped to our cleaning specialists back.  It is contains a HEPA filter on it, which insures that no dust or other harmful particles are blown into the air where we could breath them in.  This is vital for a healthy Indoor Air Quality.  Our vacuum is so efficient that it carries the Carpet & Rug Institute Green Seal of Approval as well as The British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval.


In order to wash something properly, you need a combination of warm or hot water, cleaning agents, and agitation.  Think of it like a modern washing machine.  What if you put the detergent in the tank and filled it with water, but the machine never moved after that.  How clean would you get your clothes?  Not very clean at all!  But that is how most carpet cleaners clean carpet, they use a wand to apply the cleaning product that does little to agitate the carpet to release the soil.  So we use a unique counter rotating brush, a power agitator, to apply the cleaning agents.  We call it The ‘Dirt Digger’   We run our ‘DIRT DIGGER’ over all high traffic areas that are being cleaned.  This powerful machine works our double certified safe but powerful biodegradable emulsifiers into the carpet fibers to ensure the deepest penetration possible and literally ‘digs up’ all lose fiber, animal hair, dander, sand and other particulates that may be entrapped in your carpets.  This aggressive agitation of your carpet is completely safe and only removes those fibers that have broken off and are compacted in to your carpets. It also leaves the fibers in an upright position, perfect for our next step of rinsing and extracting.


You wouldn’t think of cleaning your clothes with detergents and then just draining the water and taking them out to dry.  Neither do we!  In fact, we Power Rinse them with the amazing TotalRinse II.  This incredible machine dispenses only pure tap water at 2 to gallons per minute to thoroughly rinse your carpets like no other machine can. The cleaning head cleans with 750 multidirectional revolutions per minute.  Its unique design ensures the most effective rinsing and cleaning of your carpet fibers.  No other system can clean your carpets as well or as healthy as this combination, leaving your carpets with virtually no cleaning chemical residue.  Just soft, fluffy, amazingly clean carpet!

Although the TotalRinse II machine uses more water than a standard carpet cleaning machine, because of its patented design, it does not leave your carpets with any more moisture than most other ‘steam’ or hot water extraction systems.  In fact in most cases, it will leave them dryer!  This step is very similar to your rinse cycle in your washing machine.  We flush the loosened soil out with pure water and agitation, and that’s a Good Thing!


Nobody likes wet carpet!  You know and so do we that wet carpet attracts soil quickly and could cause unpleasant odors to develop.  So we use special patented air movers to speed dry your carpets, letting you get back to normal life as quickly as possible.  Most carpet cleaners just let them air dry with no accelerating drying equipment.  This is like using a clothes line instead of a dryer.  Both work, but one does it a whole lot faster.


Many times you iron your clothes to make sure that they look their best.  We do something similar, we Groom them!  This final step makes sure that we leave each and every fiber standing perfectly erect so that when the carpets dry the look so much better.

Finally, with our most popular cleaning package, “The Heart of Green” and our best cleaning package, “The EcoSphere” we apply the world’s first and only Certified Green Carpet Protector, GreenGard™.  This protective coating is absolutely safe for children, pets, and the earth and is certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Designed for the Environment Program (DfE).

This fantastic treatment protects your carpet from rapid re-soiling as well as staining from popular soft drinks and other staining materials.  As professionals of our trade, we highly recommend this product.